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  • Trouble ordering from Western Australia

    Hi I am trying to place an order for CBD oil. I live in Western Australia, Australia. The drop down menu for Australian States doesn't include...

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    Started by jahindos in CBD

  • Harlequin Isolate

    Hey everyone, quick question. I am wanting to buy the Harlequin Isolate and make my own hard candy out of it and was wondering if anyone had a good...

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    Started by KarenPittman78 in CBD

  • Making CBD oil for vape from flower ?

    Hey guys , does anyone know the best most effective way to extract the CBD from flower and keep its purity and strength for making vape oil? Ive...

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    Started by mannaraanthony in CBD

  • Where have all the vape products gone??

    Is it all gone for good??

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    Started by jescada6 in CBD

  • rubricmerchantid

    What is a rubricmerchantid and how to activate it im trying to order my cbd flower?

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    Started by kingme.250 in CBD

  • Tolerance and withdrawl from CBD oil

    I am scientist by background, also writing a book on addiction. No, does anyone know, if there are rebound effects, or witdrawl, after using...

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    Started by sciencesupplyoz in CBD

  • Decarbing

    I am super new to cbd and was looking I to making my own cbd. I've read decarbing increases the cbd. But it also sounds like heat lowers the...

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    Started by Kaloso in CBD

  • seeds

    Do any of the cbd flower come with seeds im trying to grow.

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    Started by yourboy112101 in CBD

  • Cbd Flower

    by smoking the cbd flower would that cause me to fail a drug test for marijuana:thc. I’ve been having problems sleeping and believe it or not by...

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    Started by KonnerG981 in CBD

  • Over The phone ordering

    I’m new here and looking to buy some CBD flower- i am just looking for someone who has ordered over the phone to tell me how that works. Do you...

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    Started by Jens11 in CBD

  • is flower buds better then cbd vape juice ?

    i have always wondered is the flower buds better then the vape juice ? because where i am from i can get buds of 9% cbd and 2% thc ''not that high'' ...

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    Started by FAKAMUSHIN in CBD

  • help

    Hi, so I have anxiety during the day and trouble sleeping at night. I was wondering what do you guys recommend I purchase that would help both of...

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    Started by tanix12 in CBD

  • arthritis

    hello my mum has oesteo arthritis in left knee and 92 with dementia so no operation for knee replacement is recommended is there an oil or cream for...

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    Started by Veronica in CBD

  • Online payment

    I was wondering when your online payment was going to be back up and going thanks

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    Started by andrew miller in CBD

  • CBDrop 1000mg

    I’m new to this site have just received my CBDrops 1000mg, and I was wondering how long would you need to take it to feel the positive effects from...

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    Started by Jazzie in CBD



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    Started by Dimarcoco in CBD

  • Question

    What is the difference between the CBD Daily Intensive Cream and the CBD For Life Rum Lemongrass? I have sore knees and sometimes a sore back and...

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    Started by mfdavis in CBD

  • Lab tests for flower??

    Do you have lab tests for flower?

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    Started by DonCusk in CBD

  • Hemp flower

    is it legal to buy hemp flower in Pennsylva.

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    Started by Smithkors in CBD

  • CBD salve/balm for pain or anxiety

    I have localized pain from various different things as well as some high anxiety. I have been making balms and salves with Isolate powder and I was...

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    Started by Wildmama5 in CBD

  • What happend to International shipping

    i was so excited of finding this site and was dancing in the room , but now they don’t ship internationally!! What happend !? 😩😩😩

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    Started by FAKAMUSHIN in CBD

  • Best Results

    Good morning, Just need some good positive feedback as to which CBD flower is the best for severe DDD, Chronic Nerve Damage Pain due to 12 surgeries...

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    Started by Bama 1357 in CBD

  • I am Ganja smoker on the CBD flower reviews

    Hey, if any body wants a review on any CBD flower, my name is "Ganja smoker" on the reviews. I explain my personal experience with the...

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    Started by Dee23!! in CBD

  • CBD uses and description

    Hey Dr. Ganja, i wondering if u could include the benefits or direct affects of your cbd flowers. Like whether they are good for relaxing, energy,...

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    Started by Dee23!! in CBD

  • Making cbd vape juice

    hey guys! New to the forum here so just wanna know if anyone knows of a good way to make some ejuice from flower? I’m looking to try this once my...

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    Started by Jkinginarmy in CBD