I am scientist by background, also writing a book on addiction.


No, does anyone know, if there are rebound effects, or witdrawl, after using CBD oil for sleep, and RLS?


What I mean by that is, that when I stop, will I get the usual THC related insomnia etc?


Anyone, actually know this, from real world experience.


As a drug with no withdrawls, so too good to be true.



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My experience is CBD flower is less addictive than caffeine, if at all. You don't get high from CBD. I wouldn't smoke it, otherwise. There is a calming, relaxing effect. No insomnia, least in my case. If a drug doesn't form dependence, there's no withdrawals. So, "as a drug with now withdrawls, so too good to be true," doesn't that depend on what the drug is? What preconceived notions are you operating with as to what a 'drug' is? People, historically, smoke tinctures for all sorts of reasons.
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With my experience no but I have had people say they got some slight withdrawal from full spectrum 
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