So, I got overwhelmed with the Black Friday sale lol and ended up buying 3 different flower varieties in two orders. I'm currently anxious to get the flower... Well the first order was placed on Sunday and the second on Monday. Since my previous order arrived well within 3 days I thought I would get it before the following weekend.. It's going on Friday.. What's crazy is that the second order went through and is now sitting on accepted and has been there since Tues. While the first order which said was shipped Mon is still in pre-shipment which indicates USPS has not yet received it. Any help would be great as I do not see them arriving within the shipping time frame. Thanks-
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Hey, all orders have been processed and shipped. Not all shipments will update via tracking in all check points. All orders placed over the weekend shipped out on Tuesday and some of the orders that came in towards the end of the weekend and early morning Monday shipped out early Wednesday morning. If your package did not get scanned at the USPS Los Angeles processing facility, your tracking info will update either once it reaches your state or once it's at your delivering post office. If you selected the free shipping option which has a delivery time frame of 2-6 business days it can take a full 6 business days for your order to be delivered. For additional support or questions regarding your order you may contact us directly at  
Thank you! 
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