Just reposting this for any new comers that might run into this issue. If you're experiencing harsh smoke try keeping your flower in glass mason jars for 24hrs and then air them out for like 15-30mins, Do that daily for about 2 weeks or until your desired outcome. If you're in a rush put a lemon or orange peel in a closed jar for 15-30mins no longer than that or you'll run the risk of molding your precious stash. Aside from the peels, closing n airing out your flower much like aging wine, I find doing this gives it a much better taste, enhances the terpenes while producing way smoother smoke. These are the jars I personally use, comes in just the right size: Hope this helps some of you guys. Lets spread the Wonderful Holistic Healing and Positivity of CBD, Much Love, Stay Lifted, Peace
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4sure, will try.
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