hi all,

I’m new to the world of CBD. I never really liked smoking weed but my husband (used to be a daily smoker) and I are both interested in buying CBD products, we’re just not sure what to buy. 

Im a type 1 diabetic that’s severely overweight since quitting ciggies (now vaping) and am on high dosages of Prozac which f*%ks with my sleep. The psychiatrist keeps trying me on all these different sleep medications that don’t work. I eat 1 meal a day so my metabolism is shot. I’ve tried all the weight loss options including ADHD medication but I just keep gaining. 

1)What would be best to try for weight loss? I don’t mind if it has a little THC as that may help me sleep but I also would like recommendation for my husband who has a metabolism but doesn’t get to exercise much as a truck driver. He lost a lot of weight smoking weed years ago but he can’t have any detectable amount of THC because of work drug testing. We vape so vapeables are fine/good. 

2) what’s a good one for anxiety/depression? 

3)is there a cream to use instead of topical antibiotics? 

Sorry for for the long post, I just thought I’d get the right info before buying since I’m in Australia and hoping not to waste money on the wrong products. 

Thanks in advance 💕
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