Hi i am very new and naive to this. I have a debilitating back injury and do not want to continue opiates, infact they have never worked.

Could you please recommend perhaps a couple of products that might be worth trialing, please include  the correct vape pen for whatever you recommend. (perhaps help by advising a complete package i could start with).
Also be aware that i am in Australia, and there are certain restrictions, having said that if you have had success sending things before that might be in the grey area, i am willing to take the risk as i have run out of options.

Kind Regards
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Vaping CBD would be a great option for dealing with different types of pain. It has a higher bio-availability then taking an oil sublingually.

If you're dealing with severe pain I would probably start with a 500 mg CBD vape juice. Koi CBD vape juice is a good option.

It's available in 6 flavor and 4 strength levels, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 mg CBD.

If you need need a vape pen, we can get you a Boulder vape pen and a set of refillable pods. It's a simple vape pen that isn't expensive and will get the job done. The Vape pen is $16.50 and the refillable pods are $8.50

We don't currently have the vape pen up on our site, but can get you the pen if that was something you needed. You would just need to contact us via the contact form on our site prior to placing an order.

Here's a link of the vape pen...

Another option would be is taking a CBD oil sublingually. Even though it has a lower bio-availability then vaping, it's effects will last longer then vaping.

Keep in mind most of the oils made by the companies below are full spectrum and will contain trace amounts of THC. If you're required to take a drug test for work you may test positive for THC.

Above are links to different brands of oils that we carry.

CBDistillery oils are very popular, there 500mg and 1000mg oils are very effective. If it's your first time using CBD the 500 mg is a good option.

Lazarus naturals makes a 750 mg CBD oil which is the same price as CBDistillery's 500 mg oil.

We do ship to Australia and have had great success. We take our time to package all orders.
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Back pain my husband likes capsules for his. He has slipped discs. I would reccomend something ingested an something topical. 
Ex: capsule/tincture/edible and rub or topical 
I been using the frankincense and honey 1 they have for my back am lupus myself personally 
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Hey Bosco,

I am also an Ozzy.
I like to try someting new on every order. I vape, take pills, oils and rubs. In the past the lollies have also been fun. I take about 25mgs 3 times a day. This works well for my l4/l5 Total Disc Replacment and S1/L5 fusion. 
For opioids i have tried them all and currently on the Norspan patch. 
Good luck.
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