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Hey there, 

couple of questions...


My wife has OCD/Anxiety I want to get her on some CBDs what would you best recommend she starts with..


Also I have ADHD what is the best to keep me calm and focused and relaxed...


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Your wife can use CBD 1 of 3 ways to ease her OCD / Anxiety. She can use CBD oil, CBD capsules or vape CBD.

I would recommend she start with a lower potency oil and start off by taking about 5 mg of CBD at a time once or twice a day and make adjustments based on how she feels and reacts to the oil.

1 -

2 -

3 -

I provided 3 links of oils for someone new to CBD. There all under $20 and made by great vetted companies. Option 1 will contain the least amount of CBD per serving. Option 2 is 15 mg of CBD per serving and option 3 is about 16.6 mg of CBD per serving.

If her OCD / Anxiety is really severe then vaping may be a be a better option, since it has a higher bio availability. If you have a vape pen, we have a few CBD vape oils to choose from, we also have disposable vape pens which is a good option for someone looking to try out vaping.

Are you in a legal cannabis state? A high CBD strain with THC, that maybe be your best option for ADHD. If you're not then a full spectrum CBD oil may help, but everyone reacts different the oil and you would have to consult with your physician if you're also taking any medication.

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