Hey guys. I succesfully made a batch of SSC infused MCT oil with The Magical Butter Machine and their Decarbox. I used to make butter for edibles with leaf many years ago but this new tek is sooo easy and churns out a perfect product. I didn't focus too much on the math with the shake and trim but here's what I did.
Decarb'd 20g of SSC keif at 165'C for 30 mins, added it to 500ml MCT oil and 1 Tbsp of soy lecithin to the mix in the machine. Set it to 71'C for 1hr and strained back into the bottles.
I then loaded a 00 vege cap machine and filled the base caps. One thing I worked out though is to use a pin to poke a tiny breather hole on the top caps or the pressure pushing down forces oil past the join seam. I did that after and was a bit messy but still the top and base clipped together.
I must say it far exceeded my expectations!
Before and after decarb pics below plus some pics of the oil etc.
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