Jon Mendoza
Hey Forum,

My wife has lupus (SLE) and has had it for over 15 years and it's up and down.

Our goal is to try and limit / remove her steroid medication (prednisolone) which she has been on for about 11 years.

Has anyone used CBD for lupus and if so what strand or what should I be looking for?

Hey main challenges at the moment are joint pains, fatigue, hair loss, and occasional rash.

We do have 2 children which does make it a challenge in terms of daily life stresses and impacts her lupus at times.

Thanks for your time.

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I treat my sle with cbd. However I detoxed off all my pills b4 I got the most benefit from CBD.  Prednisone sucks it messes up your stomach about bodies get used to the steroid. Shes goin to need like a combo of stuff. Theres face creams for butterfly rash. There topicals for the joint muscle like pain an deep pain an bad days I use tincture and edible type CBD its not easy an can get expensive but I was taking 16 pills a day for my lupus an a compound gabapentin lidocaine cream as well an now I am on nothing but cbd. But not gonna lie my 60 day bnb detox was worse thing j ever went through for it. The side effects of the meds used to treat us suck an they always seem to want to add 1 to mix I hope this helps but really shes gonna probably want stronger doses of things we have a really high tolerance bc our chronic pain
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Jon Mendoza
Thank you for your reply. I will speak with my wife and go from there and show her your message.

We reside in Australia so I don't know if we can buy a lot of the CBD products as they go through customs.

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Hey John,

I am also an Ozzy and the cbd products turn up. I only order a months at a time so if Is ceased by customs enforcement its not a big deal. 

Good luck
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Hi. I am in Australia and have received my first order with no problems. Well packed. I have another on its way and has left Sydney. This order also contains salves.
I have Sjogrens Syndrome and drops are helping me. Certainly taking the edge off my pain. My aim is also to stop taking my other meds especially prednisone. 
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