Wanted to check out the untrimmed flower, so ordered the Special Sauce untrimmed. It's really pretty, a bit of leaf on it, but totally happy with the big uncut nugs. Smells great, I have no regrets!

Ordered some trimmed Bubba Kush. The nugs are a bit more condensed but smell amazingly dank and cheesy. I look forward to trying this in the short term future! 

I also ordered the CBDawg after looking at the profile on the site, and this is the puppy I tore into today. These buds are Stout and pretty with big red hairs. It smells dank and funky with a hint of berry and vapes and tokes wonderfully, tasty and mellow.

Another great order; discreet packaging, lab sheets included so I know what I'm getting... Thank you so much Dr G's for the outstanding products and service! Why would anyone go anywhere else? 
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Thank you Corina we appreciate it so much! 
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