Hi Doc! Could you help me figure out what product is best for me and 2 other people? For me I want to try cbd for pmdd, this is a more severe type of pms. Like depression and anxiety. I would only need to use it for one week a month when I get irritable. My brother in law has Chrohn's disease and gets severe stomach pain. He had heard cbd is good for Crohn's. I am unsure what strength would be good for him? Perhaps you can help with that? Lastly my Aunt had breast cancer and will be undergoing chemo soon. We've heard cbd is good for nausea and appetite during chemo. So would you know what product she should use? None of us have tried it before so are new to this and it is all experimental. We definitely don't want to get high! I have to pass drug tests for my work so can't get anything with too much thc. If you could recommend a product for each if us I'd be very grateful!
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Firstly I would recommend if none of you have taken CBD before I would recommend starting with lower potency oil. It would help you develop a feel for the oil and see if CBD is a good fit without spending too much $.

For depression and anxiety I would recommend a tincture / oil or vaping CBD. Keep in mind that a tincture will take longer to take effect but will last longer as opposed to vaping which will take effect quicker but not last as long.

For your brother in law I would again recommend a tincture or CBD capsules, he would want to ingest the product making either choice suitable for him. The only thing is some people like to use THC for Crohn’s which may have better results, but because THC isn’t allowed everywhere it would be best for him to use a full spectrum product which will contain trace amounts of THC.

The products we carry don’t get you high, but if you have low tolerance for THC you may feel it a little bit at first as you’re getting used to the product. But as you start building tolerance towards it you won’t notice it anymore.

Some of the products we carry are full spectrum and they do contain trace amounts of THC, depending on what kind of drug test your taking and what you’re being tested for it may or may not come up.

CBD is not an appetite stimulant THC is, I’ve heard CBG may stimulate appetite but I’m not 100 % sure. Vaping is a good choice for nausea.

Do you have a vape pen? If you do, we carry vape cartridges and vape juice. You could use the vape juice as an additive or use it on it's own.

For oils I would either start with one of the following; the oils below are full spectrum and contain trace amounts of THC.

1 - Lazarus Naturals 225 mg $15

2 - CBDistilery 250 mg $18

3 - Lazarus Naturals 750 mg $32

4 - CBDistillery 500 mg $32

Option 1 and 2 are great oils for beginners, if you want to go with something stronger 2 and 4 are good. We also have stronger oils available but if you've never used CBD I would go with one of the options above.

We have a few disposable vape pens made by CBDistillery.

I would recommend Grand Daddy Purple because it's flavored with botanical terpenes as opposed to the Grape and Strawberry Lemonade vape pens which are flavored with artificial flavoring, but Strawberry Lemonade has been out selling all of them.

CBDistillery vape products are not full spectrum and they don’t contain any THC.

1 - 200 mg CBDistillery vape pen Grand Daddy Purple

We also carry 30 mg CBDfx vape pens, there $14.50 there not as potent as the one above. CBDfx products are full spectrum and will contain trace amounts of THC.

Isolate, terpene flavored isolate and crumble can be vaped. But you would need a specific vape pen.


1 - 10 mg Lazarus Naturals Capules 10 Pack $8

2 - 25 mg Lazarus Naturals Capules 10 Pack $15

Either option is good. We have large variety of capsules but the option above is most feasible for a first time user.

BTW: We’re not Doctors or anything this is just recommendations based on research, feedback and data that we have gathered it may or may not work for everyone.
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