I am new to the CBD world and would really like to find a product that assist with pain management that I experience with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I am currently trialing CBD 750 which I have been advised to take 5 drops morning and night and if needed to increase weekly .

I am like all other people and would like to know that I am doing the right thing with maximum benefits.

From what I have researched, taking CBD oil daily will assist with many ailments and has many benefits, including pain management. I feel like I am entering a world of the un- known, I would also like to know I am using the product for maximum benefits and minimal cost.

The advice I have been given is that CBD oil will not work by taking when needed, it’s a product that needs to be taken daily ongoing, after time the product builds in your system.

I would really appreciate some advice from an expert in this field.
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Taking CBD oil is a great tool for pain management and an alternative to prescription drugs. You take it as a supplement, it builds up and takes over from there. If you stop taking the CBD oil you will notice the difference.

For example a 500 mg tincture in a 15 ml size bottle is about 1.11 mg of CBD per drop.

It's all about how many mg of CBD you're in taking per dose.

Have you noticed a difference in pain at your current dose?

As for cost effectiveness, there are ways to minimize the cost. You could make your own CBD isolate oil, all that entails is buying CBD isolate and mixing with MCT oil. Most of the time that would be much cheaper then buying oil, but then again is depends on how much your consuming and how much your paying per bottle.

Also if you’re looking for quicker relief you may want to consider vaping CBD. It relives pain quicker but doesn't last as long as opposed to taking oil which may take longer to kick in but lasts longer.
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So I was originally diagnosed fibromyalgia an my dad has rheumatoid arthritis. I have found a combo of edible/pill form an topical help my dad finds emu oil helps as a carrier oil. I have found topicals help me best after shower when pores are open. My fibro turned lupus if you have any questions ask me I can help as much as I can
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I would like to make my own topical for MS pain, what form of cbd is best to get to make my own topica with??
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