Hi I had spinal.fusion 10.months ago and still suffer severe pain most days. I have been unable.to return to my normal job due to the pain and have had to stop my nursing studies also. I cannot sit for very long as nerve pain is intense. My movement, while i can is limited by pain. What would you recommend. A friend has suggested I try cbd vape. 
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I would suggest a capsule/ topical 
Tincture/ topical combo in my best opinion 
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Hey Tam. 

I had a l4 l5 total disc replacement and an 5l s1 interbody fusion. I know the pain you talk of.
I have tried most meds. I am currently using norspan/butans patch prescriped by my GP. Out off all the opiods I have used this is the least addictive and less of a roller coaster.
For cbd products I find a full spectrum product works best. However to much CBN makes me way to relaxed and sleepy.
I find the Lazarus naturals cbd  tablets work well and are good value. They also make an oil in a little vial with 750mg cbd. That is very good value. I take 25mg two to three times a day. Also the brand CBDistillery makes some very good products. I make some top vape juice out of their cbd  isolate. Along with a sprinkle in food and... It's the best.
Keep in mind movement and regular stretching is best to keep the pain manageable.

Good luck with it all and if you have time download a good mindfulness app and try to relax your mind 🙂


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I suggest to use 3000mg CBD Oil in Tincture form, it is 10 times stronger than the average CBD vape oil, hope that helps
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